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Graduate Student Supervision

There is a symbiotic relationship between supervisor and student. My primary job is to mentor and to advocate for my students. Students, in turn, provide their supervisors with countless opportunities to discuss new ideas, read new scholarship, and be exposed to young enthusiastic scholars. I work closely with my graduate students to provide them with opportunities to receive meaningful research experience and training in ethnohistorical community-engaged scholarship.

Current Doctorial Students:


John Bird (SSHRC Bombardier Fellowship), “Indigenous Christianity and Prophesy in the Nineteenth Century.”


Alessandro Tarsia, (Devolved Fellowship – ineligible for SSHRC funding due to being an international student from Italy), “Indigenous Identity, Health, and Settler Colonialism.”


Colin Osmond (SSHRC Bombardier Fellowship). “Coast Salish and Colonial Masculinity in the History of Indigenous Logging.”


Alison DuBois, (Devolved Fellowship), “Indigenous Historical Consciousness Relating to the Negotiation of Treaty 4.”


David Kim-Cragg (Devolved Fellowship), “United Church of Canada and the 1970s Korean Democracy Movement” (co-supervised with Mirela David).


Michelle Desveaux, (Dean’s Fellowship) Title TBD

Current Masters Students:

Marie-Eve Presber (SSHRC Fellowship) “These Supposed Men Were Beard: Mi’kmaq Women and French Men in Mi’kmaq Historical Consciousness.


Davis Rogers (Devolved Fellowship). “Warriors on Water: Coast Salish War Canoe Racing”

Completed PhD Supervision:

2019. Timothy Panas, “Indigenous and Environmental History of the Great Plains Sand Dunes (co-supervised with Ernie Walker in Inter-D program).


2017. Katya MacDonald (SSHRC Bombardier Fellowship) “The History of Made Things in Ile a la Crosse and Tla’amin.”


2017. Amanda Fehr (SSHRC Bombardier Fellowship; Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship) “’It Was Our Lives, That Was What We Believed’: Indigenous Histories of Catholicism in Northwest Saskatchewan.”


2016. Omeasoo Wãhpäsiw, (Queen Elizabeth II Centennial Aboriginal Scholarship) “Tla’amin Housing Architecture in the Twentieth Century: An Invisible Space for  Culture and Education.”


2015. David A. Smith, “Cowboy Politics: The Changing Frontier Myth and Presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush,” (PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies)


2015. Meagan Gough, “You Never Sit By the Same River Twice: Glimpses into the Life of Stó:lō Grand Chief Archie Charles”


2014. Liam Haggarty (SSHRC funded), “Negotiated Identities: A History of Sharing and   Indigenous-Settler Relations in Western Canada, 1800-1970”


2014. Gwendolyn Point, “Intergenerational Experiences in Aboriginal Education: My Family,” Doctor of Education, Simon Fraser University (co-supervised with Daniel Laitsch)


2012. Jonathan Clapperton (SSHRC funded), “Stewards of the Earth: Aboriginal Peoples, Environmentalists, and Representation” (UofS Governor General’s Gold Medal Winner)


2009. Byron Plant, PhD (SSHRC funded), “The Politics of Indian Administration: A Post-Revisionist History of Interstate Relations in Mid-twentieth Century British Columbia.”

Completed MA Supervision:

2019. Angélique Tardivel (Devolved Funding). “The Life Stories of Ron and Patricia John of Chawathil First Nation.”


2017. John Bird, (SSHRC Fellowship), “’Stranger in a Strange Land’: Cultural Hybridity and Mimicry in George Copway’s Engagement with Christianity, Freemasonry, and Literacy,” (Winner of Best MA Thesis in the Humanities, UofS).


2016. Colin Osmund, (SSHRC Fellowship) “Iron Men and Giant Trees: Masculinity and Coast Salish Logging”


2015. Adam Grieves, “Wild West Canada: Buffalo Bill and Transborder History”


2014. Lesley Wiebe, “‘That’s How I Saw It Anyways’: Foucauldian Genealogy Toward Understanding an Historical Outbreak of Amebiasis in Loon Lake”


2013. Ana Novakovic, “History’s Blinkers: Resituating 1950s Aboriginal Socio-Economic History within Anomie Theory”


2012. Stephanie Danyluck, “‘We Let Them Be Our Extended Family’: Disentangling Stó:lõ Families from the Colonial Past”


2012. Amber Kostuchenko, “‘I Am an Indian and Live on the Indian reserve’: History, Culture, Politics, Colonialism, and the (Re)Making of Chief Billie Hall”


2012.  Ilya Lipin, “Aboriginals and Education Systems in Canadian Northern Communities in Comparative Contest: Challenges & Choices for Managing Duality” (non-thesis program)


2010. MacKinley Darlington, “Captain Death Strikes Again: Tuberculosis and the Stó:lõ 1871-1907”


2010. Katya MacDonald (SSHRC Fellowship), “Looking for Snob Hill and Sq’ewqel: Exploring the Changing Histories of Aboriginality and Community in Two Aboriginal Communities”


2009. Kevin Gambell, MA (SSHRC Fellowship), “Stó:lõ and Metis Cemetery Spaces”


2009. Amanda Fehr, MA (SSHRC Fellowship), “The Relationships of Place: A Study of Change and Continuity in Stó:lõ Understandings of I:yem”


2007. Alan Long, MA (SSHRC Fellowship, interdisciplinary, co-supervised with Moira Day), “George Mann Was Not a Cowboy”


2006. Darren Friesen, MA, “The Other Newcomers: Aboriginal Interactions with People from the Pacific”

External PhD and MA Examiner:

2018. Adam Solomonian, “’It’s Nice to See Old Friends Again’: Family Photos, Cultural Memory, and Archival Power at Ch’atelich,” (UBC, Anthropology)

2017. Daniel Sims, “Dam Bennett: The Impacts of the Williston Lake Reservoir on the Tsek’ehne of Northern British Columbia,” (U of Alberta, History)

2016. Seth Adema, “More than Stone and Iron: Indigenous History and Incarceration in Canada” (PhD dissertation, Wilfrid Laurier University)


2012. Julia Jackley, MA, SFU, “Weaving the Histories of Klehkwahnnohm: A Tla’amin Community in Southwest British Columbia”


2011. Meshon Cantril, MA University of Saskatchewan, “‘Who Has Not Trembled at the Mohock’s name?’: Narratives of Control and Resistance in the Press in Early Eighteenth-Century London”


2011. Kenton Storey, PhD, University of Otago, NZ, “‘What Will They Say in England’: Violence, Anxiety, and the Persistence of Humanitarianism in Vancouver Island and New Zealand, 1853-1862”


2011. Timothy Foran, PhD, University of Ottawa, “‘Les Gens de cette Place’ Oblates and the Evolving Concept of Metis at Île-à-la-Crosse, 1845-1898”


2010. Victoria Freeman, PhD, University of Toronto, “‘Toronto has no history!’ Indigeneity, settler colonialism and historical memory in Canada’s largest city”


2006. Richard Milligan, MA, University of Saskatchewan, “Toward Decolonized Conceptions of Space and Literature of Place in Ecocritical Analysis: The Process and Production of Landscape in William Bartramis’ Travels and Samuel Hearneis’ A Journey to the Northern Ocean”


2005. Adrian Stimson, MFA, University of Saskatchewan, “Buffalo Boy’s Heart On: Buffalo Boy’s 100 Years of Wearing His Heart On His Sleeve”

Post-doctoral Supervision

2019. Megan Hardy (PhD UVic 2017) SSHRC post-doc.

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